Bertrand Badie. When History Begins?

Almanac 2016. Russia's global environment



It is fashionable to claim “the end of history”…As classical war seems to be over, many scholars- particu- larly Alexandre Kojève-argue that we currently face “the end of international relations”. This article considers the opposite, that is to say how we meet now the real beginning of international relations, and even of “intersocial relations”, in which social actors and individuals are more and more involved. Such an analysis is also a way for reinterpreting the dawn of IR, its intestine debates and tensions, its present transformations; it questions the traditional typology of its theories, and points out correlations between theoretical challenges and changes or evolutions of history. It is also a way for shedding light on what could be considered, in such a chaos, the French approach of International Relations. Is it only a French touch or the basis of a new paradigme?

Authors: Bertrand Badie

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