“American Dilemma” in the Forging of a New World Order


In the process of the 21st century world order formation US actions and American conception of the liberal unipolar order with the US (the West) as the center of this order exert visible influence on the process and policies of other countries and cannot be ignored. It is also necessary to take into account the domestic political situation in Washington. Political crisis does not permit the United States to look critically at its policy and its effect on the general international situation and relations with other great powers. The author uses structural Realist approach to analyze results of the American policy aimed at constructing contemporary world order, with special attention to its contradictions. The hypothesis of the research is: megatrend of world order formation continues, it is preliminary to characterize it as chaotic, however, the American factor is no longer an absolute and decisive one. There emerged serious contradictions between the American vision of the new world order, methods of its construction, and views of leading world powers. On the basis of comparative approach, a number of works of American scholars are analyzed. Special attention is paid to criticism of the American global strategy and its ideology, that caused serious problems for international development and America who tries to perform the role of global leader. The author also refers to the earlier publications of Russian scholars Ed. Batalov, Y. Davidov and A. Bogaturov who already 20 years ago wrote about world order and possible tracks and perspectives of its formation. They also quite correctly drew attention to the deficiencies of the US global strategy that could cause crisis in the international development. Their vision and conclusions presented at the beginning of 2000s turned out to be to a great extent quite correct for the international situation by the late 2010s, when American scholars J. Mearsheimer, S. Walt, P. Pillar, T. Hendrickson suggestred similar conclusions about contemporary international situation.


world order; United States; great powers; centers of power; polycentric world; hegemony; Greater Eurasia.

Authors: Tatyana Shakleina

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