Russia's Diplomatic Response


The ukrainian crisis emphasized disagreements among major international powers, which started to grow even earlier due to the increasing autonomy in their policies. Its major but not unique consequence become widening of tensions between Russia and the U.S., which forced Moscow to seek new partnerships beyond the West to increase its power. The article aims to identify new aspects, which Russia is required to take into account in the new strategic context in order to protect its interests and prevent greater challenges through softer counter-threats as well as calculated diplomatic maneuvers. It focuses on the mid-risk scenarios rather than prospects of full-scale military confrontation. The Ukraine crisis due to the mediation efforts by Franco-German tandem, presents some positive developments, but this does not presume restoration of the status quo ante among major powers. During political maneuvering of the last few years, status concerns of major players were heavily affected. Henceforth, now they are eager to respond with available tools, including political influence, military might and prestige. Their relations evolve into a game, which could end up as bluff or could lead to serious consequences. Under the new circumstances the U.S. started to pay more attention to the balance of power – category concept, which they seemingly forgot two and a half decades ago. Meanwhile, Russia is engaged in the search for the new partners both in the institutional domain (which was reflected in the enlargement of the SCO), or in economic and social connections.Western markets have not closed for Russian businesses, but it has become harder to make profits there. Therefore, China without any hurry will acquire the position of primary economic partner for Moscow, sidelining the EU. Russia’s interest towards other BRICS economies is growing as well. Meanwhile, there is significant underutilized potential in Latin America. The article examines the logic of economic cooperation as well as research and educational exchanges between Russia and international partners.

Keywords: Russia; USA; China; BRICS; SCI; major powers; international order; nuclear balance; economic cooperation; Latin America.

Authors: Alexei Bogaturov

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