International Science and Technology Relations as a New Geopolitical Reality


The article is dedicated to formation of a new geopolitical reality – International Science and Technology Relations. It reviews theoretical and historic aspects of ISTR formation and conditions of their development in 21st century. The authors rely on the theory of long economic cycles (Kondratiev cycles) and technological waves in order to assess the patterns of global development since the early 18th century. It also draws implications from this process to the international politics. Then, the article examines the main characteristics of the emerging sixth technological wave, which defines the global transformations in the early 21st century. It demonstrates that contradictions of this process are aggravated by hegemonic policies of the United States. The latter attempts to use its outstanding technological achievements to promote interests, aimed to retain its domination on international arena. Within the context of Global Information Revolution the sixth technological wave is laying down new qualities of  international relations, stipulated by information and cyber space, information society oriented to knowledge and innovation, postindustrial way of production that determine peculiarities of International Science and Technology Relations. Main conclusions are tied with the impact of scientific and technological progress on international relation in global agenda of international policy and international economy as well as formulating new approaches to management of this process. The article concludes with a number of specific suggestions on development of international institutions, which could help spread the accomplishments of transition to the sixth technological wave across the world. It also examines the level of understanding of emerging challenges in the technological realm in Russia.


International Science and Technology Relations; Science and Technology Progress; Technology Wave; Global  Informational  Revolution;  Cyber  Epoch;  Postindustrial  Way  of  Production;  International

Information Security.

Authors: Andrey Krutskikh, Alexey Biryukov

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