Volume 19. Issue 2 (65) April - June / 2021
China’s Project for Greater Eurasia
Echo of Arab Spring in Western Europe
German Strategy and Tactics in Military-Political Sphere by 2020s

Volume 18. Issue 4 (63) October - December / 2020
The EU Choice towards Integration in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemics
Network Dynamics of Technology Diffusion in International Arms Transfers
Leadership and Foreign Policy Decision-Making in the Next Innovation Wave

Volume 17. Issue 4 (59) October - December / 2019
Stein Rokkan’s Conceptual Map of Europe
The Crisis of WTO Dispute Resolution System
“American Dilemma” in the Forging of a New World Order

Volume 17. Issue 2 (57) April - June / 2019
Theory of International Relations and Image of Desired Future
Counter-Air Power in International Politics

Volume 17. Issue 1 (56) January - March / 2019
Soviet-American Talks 1978–1979 on Prohibition of Antisatellite Weapons
Fintech Ecosystem: the Largest Private Cryptosystems
International Best Practices of R&D Public Funding

Volume 16. Issue 4 (55) October - December / 2018
Russian Trade with Africa
Aiding Fragile States through the Lens of Risk-Management
Strategies of Alliances of Continental and Sea Powers

Volume 15. Issue 4 (51) October - December / 2017
Statehood in the Middle East
Global Trends and National Specifics of the Development of a Digital Economy
Prospects of Russian Engagement in the Green Economy

Volume 14. Issue 4 (47) October - December / 2016
Russia’s Economic Model and Prospects for Modernisation
Foreign Migration Policy of Russia
Transnationalization of NGO’s
Post-Obama U.S. Global Strategy

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