Employment: Analysis of Problems and Consolidation of Good Practices in the eu. Italian “campus mentis” project as a source of opportunities for young graduates


An innovative idea which started out with few resources, from Sapienza University of Rome, has turned out to be a good practice. Now, in its fifth year, and having involved over 10,000 recent graduates from all over Italy, the Italian Campus Mentis project for career guidance and training, establishes itself as a point of reference for those who wish to develop their career and has begun to be appreciated by other nations and other European organisms. Campus Mentis is a project financed by the Italian Department of Youth and Civil Service, and aims to involve the best young graduates in order to provide them with basic knowledge related to their access on the job market. Campus Mentis is a residential formula consisting in a three days per participant of full immersion during which youngsters are involved in several activities such as company workshops, company interviews and sport activities. The main objective of those who approach this project is to secure a job, but in fact the main priority of the program is to offer tools and support for an efficient process of career guidance. The numbers achieved so far are relevant and important. There has been also an appreciable number of partnerships, more than fifty, signed with mayor local bodies and national public institutions, as well as partner companies, which have long surpassed 300 units which were originally participating in the project.

Keywords: Placement; Job; Career guidance.

Authors: Andrea Rocchi, Fabrizio D'Ascenzo

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